R3.6 Meteorite Classification

Class Description

The classification “R3.6” refers to a type of meteorite known as an R chondrite, which is distinct from the major classes of chondrites like ordinary or carbonaceous chondrites. R chondrites have specific characteristics, including sub-solar Mg/Si and refractory/Si ratios, oxygen isotope compositions that differ from ordinary chondrites, and highly oxidized mineralogy. The “3.6” designation indicates that it is a petrologic type 3 meteorite, characterized by abundant chondrules, low degrees of aqueous alteration, and certain mineral features, with variations in subtypes from 3.00 (least metamorphosed) to 3.9 (nearly metamorphosed to type 4 levels) based on the presence of primary igneous glass in the chondrules.

R3.6 Meteorite Examples

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