H3.7-6 Meteorite Classification

Class Description

The classification “H3.7-6” refers to a type of meteorite known as an ordinary chondrite from the H group. This meteorite is a breccia, meaning it’s composed of components that range from petrologic type 3 to type 6. Ordinary chondrites like this one are characterized by sub-solar Mg/Si and refractory/Si ratios, oxygen isotope compositions different from Earth’s, and a significant amount of chondrules (small spherical grains) with minimal fine-grained matrix. The specific range from type 3 to type 6 indicates variations in the degree of metamorphism, with type 3 having abundant chondrules and low alteration, while type 6 has undergone extensive metamorphism without melting.

H3.7-6 Meteorite Examples

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